Rain Drop Massage

"Alternative Medicine therapies have health benefits that can often outweigh modern medicine techniques. The biggest advantage to trying these practices is that these methods don’t pose the risk for unwanted side effects like pharmacological drugs or surgery do. In fact, there’s really no downside to trying alternative practices like essential oils, acupuncture, cupping, moxa, since studies show they can help improve immune system and speed up healing time without the use of any medications." - Dr. Josh Axe.

Rain Drop Massage - Massage with Essential Oils


Supercharging Raindrop Massage is probably the best holistic technique available for spinal health. Most patients experience blissful feeling of endorphins flowing throughout the body and energy influx!

Raindrop helps to reduce spinal inflammation and kill viruses that hibernate along the spinal column. It helps straighten spinal curvature as the oils help to realign the vertebras. It promotes health from within using topically applied Young Living Essential Oils.

The oils are dispensed like drops of rain from a height of about 6 inches above the patient's back. The oils continue to work for a week as the healing process takes place in the body. The light strokes stimulate the energy and disperse oils along the nervous system throughout the entire body. In this way the body is brought into balance.

Many patients feel the benefits of oils for several days after the treatment, they recognize that the pain has decreased; they have more mobility, more vitality and can cope with their stress better. They can relax easier and their sleep is improved.

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