Julie has 4 years of working experience in lash extension and lash lift/perm. She has worked at Le Sanly Beauty & Health Spa and Charmed Lashe Studio.

Julie possesses four years of professional experience doing eyelash extensions and lash lift/perm techniques. Her career started at Le Sanly Beauty & Health Spa, where she specialized in eyelash treatments to enhance the natural beauty of eye shapes according to diverse client preferences. 

From there, she advanced her career at Charmed Lashe Studio, where she broadened her expertise to include advanced volumizing lash techniques, contributing to customer satisfaction and client retention.

Moreover, Julie values the safety of her customers, meticulously maintaining a sanitary environment in her workplace to ensure a safe and reassuring experience for her clientele. Her professionalism is characterized by attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to a wide range of customers, establishing her as a professional in the local community.

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