Botox: A Bride’s Guide

It is no secret that you want to look fabulous for your special day with every camera shooting at you. Everything has to be perfect, the dress, makeup, etc. And, for many of us, this includes Botox. 

If you’re thinking about getting Botox for your wedding day, then keep reading. Here is everything you need to know about pre-wedding botox. 

1. Type of Wrinkles

First, it is essential to determine what kind of wrinkles you want to get rid of. Please note that Botox is terrific for dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles appear when you’re making an expression or moving your face. They are usually on your forehead or around the eyes and mouth. 

Applying Botox to your dynamic wrinkles can reduce motion and visibility. 

2. Plan

According to dermatologists, brides-to-be should apply Botox at least six months before the wedding if they have never had a treatment before. It is vital to do it this way to see how it looks and prevent any adverse reaction. 

If this is not your first time, it is recommended to touch up four to six weeks before the event. 

3. Don’t Freeze Your Face

It is crucial to avoid freezing your face. Remember, the idea is to make people believe you’re using a miracle cream. Your face might look fabulous in a photo, but if you can’t smile during the ceremony, you’ve too much Botox. 

4. Do Your Research

If you’re new to Botox, it is imperative to do your research before the consultation. It is essential to know what to expect. An excellent idea is to bring a list of questions with you. Don’t be shy and ask everything that you want to know. After all, you want to feel confident about your decision. 

Some of the most common questions include:

  • Will it hurt?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Are there any side effects?

5. Retouch

Please note that you will need to retouch if it’s been four to six months since your treatment. Keep in mind that if the wedding is two to three months after your treatment, it will not require a touch-up. 

It is a terrific idea to retouch four to six weeks before the big day, only if the prior treatment was four to six months before. 

Finally, remember that Botox should be used to enhance your natural beauty, so avoid a frozen face. The key is to select an experienced injector, someone with whom you are comfortable. Give your skin time to heal and glow on your special day! 

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