According to National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), here are some benefits of Self Myofascial Release:
Corrects Muscle Imbalances. …
Improves Joint Range of Motion. …
Relieves Muscle Soreness and Joint Stress. …
Improves Neuromusclar Efficiency. …
Relaxes our Muscles. …
Provides Optimal Length-Tension relationships. …
The Benefits of Myofascial Release for Fascia
Freeing up the muscles in this way allows them to begin function independently, contracting and releasing to their fullest potential. Myofascial release also increases range of motion and reduces pain and recovery time.
Benefits of keeping fascia healthy
improved body symmetry and alignment
increased blood flow, which means faster exercise recovery
reduced appearance of stretch marks and cellulite
scar tissue breakdown
reduced risk of injury
less day-to-day pain
improved sports performance