How Long Does Dysport Injections Last?

Dysport is a kind of neurotoxin that stops muscle contractions. It can be applied to heal pain from neurological diseases and as a facial wrinkle procedure. 

It’s a minimally invasive treatment excellent for stopping the aging signs. Dysport is safe, and it comes from botulinum toxins. This cosmetic treatment has a brief recovery period. Patients use Dysport to unwrinkle the appearance of mild to severe frown lines. 

What people love the most about Dysport is that it doesn’t change other parts of the face’s characteristics or movement. This is amazing as it allows the untreated muscles to function normally, so you look beautiful, younger, and natural. The primary purpose of Dysport is to smooth lines without disappearing your expressions. 

Dysport Treatment

Even though Dysport is usually a safe procedure, a dermatologist or a trained aesthetician must give the injections. 

The doctor injects Dysport in the treated area. Most patients see enhancement in a couple of days after the treatment. The procedure usually lasts between 10 to 20 minutes, and there is minimal recovery time so that you can return to your activities almost immediately. 

Dysport injections are mostly used to diminish frown lines which are those wrinkles between the eyebrows. A doctor can also apply it for medical issues such as neck pain, cervical dystonia, and contractions of the arms, hands, legs, and feet.

How Long Does It Last?

The treatment lasts between 90 to 180 days. When you start noticing movement again, it’s time for a touch-up to keep the results. Fortunately, you can expect the same effects on repeat treatments as your first use. 

Keep in mind that you should wait a minimum of 90 days to apply for Dysport again. 

Who Can Use Dysport?

Dysport can be applied to healthy individuals with normal skin. People allergic to cow’s milk protein or Dysport ingredients are not good candidates for the treatment. 

These injections are also not recommended for people with recent surgeries on the face, with weak muscles in the treated zones and deep facial scars or oily skin. Discuss with your doctor if Dysport is the right cosmetic treatment for you. 

Side Effects

The treatment usually has minimal side effects, and the procedure is not distressing. Most patients experience inflammation, redness, bruising, pain, and headache. These symptoms typically disappear after 48 hours. If they last longer or worsen, consult your doctor. 

If you’re considering using Dysport treatment, make an appointment with a medical provider to determine the best solution for your goals.

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