Lip Fillers: How Long Do They Last?

Lip augmentation is one of the most prevalent beauty treatments for women who want to look younger. It’s a medical proceeding that a professional health practitioner should always perform. The primary purpose is a natural outcome that emphasizes your good looks. 

As we get older, the lips lose collagen and dermal elasticity. This results in delicate lips that overlap into our mouths. It’s harder to get the appearance of a full lip. 

Lip fillers are the ideal solution to shape lips and boost collagen and hyaluronic acid. 

There are many forms to augment lips. The most trendy option is dermal fillers since it’s minimally invasive with almost no pain and recovery time. Another option is to remove fat from a body part and injected it into the lips.

It’s a wise idea to show a photo of the look you want to discuss with the aesthetician if it’s possible to achieve your anatomy’s desired lips. Keep in mind that every person’s lips are different. 

Make sure to tell the health practitioner how much volume you want. If it’s your first time, it’s best to ask for a subtle enlargement than to overfill. This way, you can see how it looks and feels before transforming your lips form ultimately. 


According to beauty experts, the most common type of lip filler is collagen, which is exceptionally applied today. This is because the results don’t last long, and it can cause allergic reactions in patients. 

Today’s most prevalent used injection to fill and outline lips is hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a substance made from bacteria that naturally produce in the body. It makes the lips look fuller by adding water molecules to the skin. 

Hyaluronic fillers soak up slowly, and they can provide you with the look you request. They usually last six months, but it depends on the lip fillers brand you inject. 

Aestheticians recommend injecting lip fillers twice per year for the best results. Remember that hyaluronic acid fillers support the skin to develop more collagen, making the lips look more natural and filled. 

It’s possible to remove the lip filler if you don’t like the results. Discuss with your aesthetician if the lip fillers they’re using are permanent or dissolvable. Most of the injections are dissolvable, so your doctor can remove them by using hyaluronidase.

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that can dissolve the particles causing the filler to break down. The aesthetician can do the proceeding in the clinic. 

Remember, always choose a professional beauty clinic to save money, time, and discomfort for injecting dermal lip fillers. 

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