Referral Program

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Referral Program

Refer Your Friends & Family.

Our referral program offers you special and unique rewards and discounts for each and every new referral appointment.  We also treat your referral to special discounts and other rewards to get them started.  It's a win/win!

Referring people is easy, simply use the form below to get started!

Available Rewards

Your Rewards

  • Service Credit of 15% of Referral Total
  • +15% Off Your Next Service

Their Rewards

  • 15% Off Their First Service
  • +Special Discount On Their Next Service

Example: You refer your friend Jessy.  Jessy books and pays for a skincare appointment valued at $500.  Jessy will receive an instant $75 discount, and a special discount for their next appointment.  You'll also be instantly rewarded with a $75 credit for your next appointment + an additional 15% off!

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