Where Is Laser Hair Removal More Effective?

If you prefer having flawless, hairless skin, you probably shave, wax, and pluck as they appear to be your only solutions available. Fortunately, if you want a more permanent result, you should try laser hair removal. This technology works by killing the hair follicle, which inhibits or delays hair growth. 

Laser hair removal is a preventive method that applies a concentrated ray of light to eliminate hair. 

During the procedure, the laser sends a light wrapped up by the melanin in the hair. The laser intensity is transformed to high temperature, which hurts the hair follicles, effectively delaying hair growth. 

Please note that even though laser hair removal can prevent hair growth for a long time, it usually doesn’t lead to permanent hair removal. We recommend several treatments for initial hair removal and maintenance. 

It’s essential to note that laser hair removal is most useful for those with fair skin and dark hair, but you can favorably apply it to all skin types. 

Some time ago, laser hair removal wasn’t recommended for people with darker or even tanned skin. 

Today’s technology, however, can treat a much broader range of skin colors. Laser hair removal is much more efficient and can give notable results even for persons with lighter hair shades. 

However, it can take a couple more sessions to focus on lighter hair than darker hair, but it’s possible.

One of the most typical questions is which area of the body can be treated with laser hair removal devices? The answer is usually in any area of the body.

Most body areas get excellent results with several treatments. But it’s particularly effective on the chin, underarm, bikini, lower leg, and lip areas

For instance, the underarms are a body part that most women shave, making them the ideal area for laser hair removal. Besides, removing underarm hair allows you to have an even skin tone. This body area is where most people notice significant results in the shortest time. 

Another body part where you can see excellent results is the bikini line as the skin there is paler and the hair darker. Most clients experience impressive hair reduction after only six monthly treatments. 

Naturally, the treatment’s effectiveness also relies upon the machine used and the ability, skill, and knowledge of the aesthetician. 

Make sure to choose a professional laser hair removal center to save time, money, and worsening by removing unwanted hair safely. 

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